Sunday, August 22, 2010

Horton Plains Camping

Please note that this trip didn't go as we planned

Year and Month
: August 2010(Off-Season)

Number of Days : Three day Trip

Crew : 5

Accommodation : Horton Plains Camp Site 1 (Chimney Pool Site)

Transport : Train,Bus,Van

Activities : Trekking,Hiking,Sight seeing,Camping!!!

Weather : Cold (14-16 °c),Misty,Heavy Rain

Route :
Day 1
Colombo-Fort>Ohiya>Horton Plains
Day 2
Hiking Kirigalpoththa
Day 3
Horton Plains > Ohiya > Colombo Fort

Special remarks :
  • Camping site should be booked from Malambe wildlife department
  • Book the way back train at least one day before.
  • Be ready for extreme weather conditions.(rain coats,warm jackets)
  • Bring a three season tent or a very good flyover
  • Convenient Foods - Maggie Noodles,Fish curry Cans,Maggie instant soup,Chocolate,Biscuit,Cheese,Sausages.
  • Have a backup plan in case something goes wrong while camping.(raining,extreme winds)
Resources :
  • You can hire camping tents from wildlife trust in Pitakotte(But i don't recommend this because
    of their worn/heavily used tent, we had to abandon our camp site and check in to a hotel in the middle of the night)
  • Other stuff like camping mattresses, lanterns & gas can be bought from HP office.(but you should order them from pitakotte)
  • You can buy camping tents from TN GLOBAL (Sri Lanka) .

Okay what you read above is what we had on our minds.But weather didn't want us to do things as we planed.We made it to Horton Plains around 12.30 pm (Colombo fort to Ohiya by train and to Horton Plains by foot).Ohiya railway station was very neat and clean,but sadly they didn't have a waiting room or a rest room.There were few shops on the opposite side of the station .Ohiya - HP road is the most scenic road i have ever walked.(Much better than Pattipola road).You might encounter troops of monkeys both sides of the road.

We made it to Horton Plains around 12.30pm and had to wait until our camping stuff arrives. Mr Ajith who was in charge of the place delivered the camping stuff around 2.00 pm . We paid temp workers in HP to carry our stuff to the camp site. But sadly when we go there it started to drizzle . It was just a light drizzle and we hoped it would stop. But it didnt. At that point we all had a feeling that this was going to be the end of our first camping experience. But we were so excited and non of us wanted to return. So we unpacked the tent bag only to realize that we were missing a rain-fly. Lacking previous camping experiance we thought the tent would hold up without the rainfly and started pitching the tent. It took nearly 15 mins to set up the tent. But when we got it all pitched up water started to drip through tent roof and the ground sheet was flooded. At this point realized that we have no option but to return. Therefore we returned to the far-inn and rented a van to take us back to Nuwara Eliya. Then we checked in to a hotel and spent the night there sulking over our first camping experience. Next day we packed our stuff and came to Colombo. On our way back we all agreed  that we should not give up and  do this excact same trip next year with proper gear. So stay tuned!!

On our way to MAHA ELIYA(horton plains)

Camp Site


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