Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kataragama & Ranminithenna Tele Cinema Park

Trip Name: Quick getaway to Katharagama

Year and Month: March 2012

Number of Days : Two Days

Crew : 5

Accommodation : Jayasinghe Holiday Resort

Transport : Van

Activities : Religious Activity, Sight Seeing

Weather : Sunny

Route :
Avissawella > Rathnapura > Udawalawa > Lunugamwehera > Katharagama > Ranminithenna > Galle > Kottawa > Avissawella

Special remarks :
  • Behave accordingly in Religious Places.
Resources :
  • Jayasinghe Holiday Resort Tel No - 047 22 35146
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This was not a trip that any of us planed in advance. One day my brother asked me weather I could accompany him on a journey to Katharagama and I, being a travel enthusiast said yes. We started our journey early in the morning. Despite the bad condition we took Lunugamwehera road which recently became a gem mining for the locals and many others. Road was very dusty and continues thumpings made a very unpleasant experience. At some places there were few feet deep potholes.

Passing Udawalawa

Lunugamwehera Road

Lunugamwehera Road
However we made it to Katharagama around 2 pm. Then we went on hotel hunting. After roaming a bit we found a nice place known as Jayasinghe Holiday Resort. After checking in we all had a good bath and went to Katharagama Puja Nagaraya. Unfortunately my friend forgot to bring his camera so this time, I am not able to give you any photos of Katharagama Puja Nagaraya.

After leaving Puja Nagayara we came back to hotel. After a very delicious and substantial dinner we spend two or three hours playing  pool.

Jayasinghe Holiday Resort
On the next day morning we decided to visit newly opened Ranminithenna TeleCine Park. It will take 30 minutes to get there from Katharagama town and you have to pay 50 LKR per head to enter the park.

Main Road Entrance

Kings Hotel, Kandy

Inside Staging Building

Location of Korale Mahaththaya Tele-Drama

After the tour around the park we decided to head to Galle and spend the night in a beach hotel. But when we reached Galle we got to know that all the hotels we were able to afford has been booked tight because of the Cricket Matches held in Galle during those days. Therefor we had no other choice but to return home via southern expressway.

Hambanthota Port

Southern Expressway

Southern Expressway
 Even though everything didn't go as we planed it was a very pleasant and relaxing journey.

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