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Forgotten Pillars of Medirigiriya

Trip Name: Forgotten Pillars of Medirigiriya

Year and Month: August 2012

Number of Days : Single Day (part of August vacation)

Crew : Family Members

Accommodation :
Relation's Place

Transport : Van

Activities : Sight Seeing

Weather : Sunny

Route : Colombo > Habarana > Minneriya > Hingurakgoda > Medirigiriya > Medirigiriya Watadage

Special  Remark
  • Behave accordingly in riligous places
  • Do not harm archeological sites
  • Best time to visit is either in the morning or the evening.

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Medirigiriya Vatadageya is a wondrous example of fine craftsmanship of ancient Sinhalese. Unlike many other attractions in north central province vatadage is situated away from all the main attractions and the prime area of king's city. In ancient era the area was known as "Medalagiriya" or "Mandalagiriya". Archeologist still haven't been able to identify either exact founder or the time of founding but very limited proofs and archeological inscriptions suggest that it was built during per-christian era. 

Since we wanted to enjoy the beauty of this place in solitude we decided to visit in the evening. Unlike morning and afternoon when most of visitors come, evening visit will give you absolute freedom to explorer the surrounding without being disturbed.It only took us few minutes to get there as I was enjoying my August vacation at my uncles place which is situated closer to the Medirigiriya Vatadage Reserve. In the parking lot there are few boutiques where you can buy water bottles or  soft drinks.

Car Park


Path to Vatadage

Artesian Well

After few meters of walking towards the site you will be able to catch glimpse of Vatadage and pillars and the base of an image house. From here we took the footpath to the right which leads to a large pond. According historical data this pond was used by monks who lived here in ancient times. Pond will become filled with crystal clear water during the rainy season. 

First Glimpse of Vatadage

A Wooden Pillar Once Stood in There

Heard of Deer

Dry Pond
From here you have to climb a small rock and reach the only remaining Sthupa in this site.


Mal Asanaya?

From here you can notice a small foot path in the north leading in to the jungle. You have to take it if you intend to see the ancient hospital. Unfortunately the site was recently ravaged by treasure hunters and they had destroyed few stone pillars. Though its ravaged by both man and nature it still is able to tell us  stories about our ancients. Once you get there try to imagine a hospital where people would come and wait for Ayurvedic doctors to treat them


After this you have to walk a little bit to get to the next point of interest. After passing a large pond to your right you will notice a small cave. This place was used by monks to meditate and rest during night.

Hungry Friend

Small Cave
Near this cave there is a stone staircase which leads to the main point of interest here, The Vatadage.

Entrance to Vatadage is by a stone staircase consisting 27 steps. these 27 steps will get you to the fist base of Vatadage and there you can see a stone carved rain gutter to your left. Then its only another for steps to reach the inner circle of Vatadage.


There are four sitting Buddha statues facing four main directions and few standing statues in between them.
The pillars which used to hold the wooden shelter of Vatadage still bears ancient carvings as if they are trying to make us understand its past glory. This is the second most intact Vatadage in Sri Lanka. Inner circle still have reamins of what used to be a small Sthupa which probably have enshrined "relics".

Once you get down from Watadage you can see three other buildings. First  building served as Vihara  House while the other two two served as Image houses to the temple. Near the Sthupa house you can see a Ayurvedic medicine boat.

Vihara Geya

Viharageya, Vatadage Seen in Background

Ayurvedic Medicine Boat

This concludes the entire journey at this site but if you wish you can visit the new museum which is situated north of the main pond

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  1. Sri lanka is a beautiful country & the pics describe it more.All the pics generate a picture of good sri lanka specially the statues.