Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Somawathiya Revisited - Photolog

Trip Name: Somawathiya Revisited - Photolog

Year and Month: August 2012

Number of Days : One Day

Crew : 10 (Family Members and Relatives)

Accommodation : None

Transport : 1 Van

Activities : Religious Activity

Weather : Sunny, Soothing Breez

Route :
Newtown > Hingurakgoda > Somwathiya Sanctuary > Somawathi Temple

Special remarks :
  • Behave accordingly in Religious Places.
  • Do not harm archeological sites.
  • Do not approach or provoke wild animals ( Elephants and wild boar can be extremely dangerous)
  • Don't wonder beyond Temple premises. (specially during night)
  • Ruins of old temple and several stone inscriptions can be fond behind the picture gallery near Bodhiya (Bo Tree) 
  • Road condition have improved significantly since my last visit. Now vehicles with low ground clearance can access the road.
Resources :
  • Expect rough road conditions from Hingurakgoda Town to Somawathi Sthupa.
  • Road becomes extremely dusty after entering Somawathi Sanctuary.
  • You can stay either at free rest rooms or rent small cottage like houses for a very cheap price.
  • All the rest rooms are available on first come first serve basis.
  • Somawathiya Temple Tel No : 027 32 79285

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I wouldn't explain all the historical importance of this place as I have done it in my previous travelogue related to Somawathiya. However this time I noticed few stone inscriptions and ruins of ancient somawathi temple behind the picture gallery near Bodhiya (Bo Tree). So when you visit next time do remember to look for them.

On Our Way to Temple


Hasthi Pond - Depicting Elephants Worshiping the Vehera


The Temple Office

Crowded!!! Even During Week Days

Carpets are Laid for People to Walk as Tiles Become Burning Hot During Day Time

Inside the Sthupa

Recently Built Buddha Statue

Statue of Gauthama Buddha

Calming View

Picture Gallery Showing Nicely Timed Photos



Stone Inscriptions

Stone Inscriptions


Stone Inscriptions

Fallen Stone Pillars

Fallen Stone Pillars


Removing Morning "Kapruk" Pujawa

Several Layers of The Sthupa - Built during different Eras

Ghanatara Kuluna


Vishrama Shalawa & Car Park

Found a Friend Near Army Barracks

Oh C'mon You are like the 100th photographer this evening, Leave me alone!!



On Our Way Back


Road Condition


An Ostentation of Peacock

Sky After Sunset

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  1. During the rainy season, the whole area goes under water.So don't forget to check the weather before you travel.