Monday, March 16, 2015

Epiphany of Water

Trip Name : Visiting Botha Ella (Bopath Falls)

Year and Month : November 2013

Number of Days : One

Crew : 2 (Amila and I)

Accommodation : None

Transport : Bus and Tuk-Tuk

Activities : Sight Seeing,Waterfall Hunting

Itinerary :Boptha Falls, Diva Guhawa and Saman Devalaya (in part 2)

Opening Hours : 6.00 AM to 7.00 PM

Tickets : Adult 20 LKR, Children 10 LKR

Weather : Sunny, Overcast

Trail/Road Info : Avissawella > Kuruwita Town > Devipahala > Junction with a large Bopath Falls name board (take a right) Bopath Falls car park > Bopath Falls

Special remarks :
  • There is a bus running from Kuruwita town to Devipahala, but taking a tuk tuk is the best option.
  • Tuk tuk park at Kuruwita bus stand have this system where you can share a tuktuk with several others. You only have to pay 30lkr for the entire one way ride.
  • If you want to travel by above method go to the far left side of the bus stand market. There should be at least one tuktuk parked near the side entrance of the market which offer above service.
  • You have to cross and walk up the river to get to the waterfall, so wear accordingly.
  • There are restrooms (separate men's and women's) at entrance premises where you can change cloths
  • There is a hotel near the waterfall where you might be able to get meals but I haven't been to the place so cant comment on quality or service.
  • Car park is situated 500m before the entrance gate.
  • Second part of this travelogue (will be published in near future)
  • Kuruwita police telephone numbers 045 2262222, 045 222223

I have a passionate liking about hiking and camping. Wondering on a jungle trail, immersing myself in the untouched wilderness, making a pit stop to drink silky water from a virgin stream, camping for the night on a cold mystique hill top; In my mind those are the topmost activities for a perfect getaway, until I ventured on a rather unplanned journey to Bopath falls.

It was a lazy morning and I was looking up Lakdasun trip report archives for good reading material. While shuffling through trip reports I stumbled upon one of Sri's waterfall hunting trip report. For this guy, waterfalls bear rather unique allure. But honestly, I didn't get it. For me they were just waterfalls. Of course they are beautiful to look at but at the time, that was it for me.

Anyhow, reading Sri's waterfall trip reports made me want to visit one and see if I could rediscover their beauty. Little did I know, I was in for a whole new level of rediscovering.

Determined to visit a waterfall I goggled waterfalls near me and decided to visit Bopath Falls. Bopath Falls is located in a village called Agalawatte in Kuruwita, Ratnapura District. Its 30m high and considered a major waterfall in Sri Lanka due to its special shape which resembles the leaf of "Bo" tree. (hence the name Bopath Falls)

On my way I called and asked a friend to join me. We met at Eheliyagoda and then headed to Kuruwita. From there we took tuk tuk to Bopath Falls. Entire ride took 15 minutes. (read the special remarks section)

Special Agalawatte tuk tuk
Bopath Falls Junction
Car Park
Entrance and Ticket Counter
Inside the Park
Once inside the Bopath Falls park you get glimpse of the falls. But that sight was nothing compared to what I experienced later.

Changing Rooms and Toilets

Fall in sight, we crossed a rather knee deep stream and started walking up the main left most segmented part of the river.

Due to the uneven river base and slippery rocks we had to keep looking down most of the time. By the time I turned my head up to get a proper look I had come all the way up leaving only about 100m between me and the fall.

At first I was bit shaken. Slight fear went inside me. It felt sort of like watching wild elephants. You see them calm and majestic, but you know how fearsome and violent they can be. It was a splendid view.

I was in a complete awe for quite a time until my friend broke silence suggesting that we should go further up stream to get a proper view at the plunge pool.

Enticed by fall's beauty, I agreed. We crossed the segmented stream to our right side and walk along the bank until we reached a safe distance where we could see the plunge pool.

Plunge Pool

After enjoying the scenery we returned to the entrance.

They were Hunting Something
In my opinion Bopath fall's beauty resides not only in itself but the short journey one has to make on the segmented river. It gives you a nimble adventure feeling. All in all it was a unique and refreshing destination for me.


  1. Very interesting. Love these pictures. Looking forward to read the rest of the article.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us